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Working together to make our neighbourhood a better and safer place

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What is the Wokingham Town and Evendons N.A.G.?

The Neighbourhood Action Group is a multi agency problem solving group that consists of relevant partner agencies like the Council and Neighbourhood Police Team, key stakeholders and most importantly members of the local community.

 NAGs focus their work around key priorities that are identified by members of the community through consultation, surveys and “have your say” meetings. The NAG members who are all volunteers then take responsibility often in conjunction with one of the partner agencies for achieving certain tasks on behalf of their neighbourhood.

How does the Wokingham Town and Evendons N.A.G. benefit?

The Wokingham Town Centre and Evendons NAGs current key priorities are:

1)    Speeding and parking issues (Evendons Lane, Rose Street, Rectory Road, Manor Road, Blagrove Lane and Market Place)

2)    Anti social behaviour including underage drinking in the parks and outside Costcutters on Evendons Lane.

3)    Environmental issues including litter in the town centre area and dog mess outside Costcutter on Evendons Lane.

What?s been done to address the three main concerns?

1)    The neighbourhood Police team have carried out speed and parking enforcement issuing fixed penalty tickets. Speed indication surveys have been done to gather evidence where residents believe speeding is an issue. A traffic survey has been carried out by Thames Valley Police?s traffic management officer. The roads identified did not have a high level of reported accidents or any data that would support a change in road layout of speed limits. Speeding and parking is a constant priority for the neighbourhood Police team and it is something that is regularly monitored and enforced.

2)    Anti social behaviour has been addressed by regular Police patrols, seizure of alcohol from underage young people, education and joint working with youth services to find activities that young people want to get involved with.

3)    Litter picks have been carried out along with high visibility patrols/words of advice.

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