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Emergency Services Day

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Emergency Services Day - Monday 27th October

This is a message sent via Thames Valley Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Thames Valley Police

Message sent by

Christine Seal (Police, NHW & Community Messaging Co-ordinator, Wokingham LPA)


Emergency Services Day – Monday 27th October, 2014 – 10am – 4pm

Arborfield Garrison Community Centre

Safety and security surrounding the community especially with the following coming up:



Bonfire night

Darker winter months


Lots of things for all children and adults:




Community Responders

Search and Rescue

Police Horses



Bike marking


Climbing Wall


and FREE for everyone

Thank you

Message ends


Shaping Our Communities Consultation ~[PROTECT]~

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Shaping Our Communities Consultation ~[PROTECT]~



As the ambitions for the Strategic Development Locations become a reality, the Council has been outlining its approach to how it will continue to involve residents and other stakeholders to ensure that these become vibrant new communities that support a high quality of life.


Along with the housing, the SDLs will also include new schools, play grounds, parks, nature reserves, shops, businesses and community facilities as well as the necessary roads and other transport links.


Wokingham Borough Council has been working on a new document that sets out how it will continue to involve residents and other stakeholders in planning our identified housing growth areas (known as Strategic Development Locations) and how it will support our new communities as they develop.



We are keen to know what you think of the new Shaping Our New Communities document and its recommendations. The consultation, and corresponding documents, are available on the Wokingham Borough Council website






It closes on Friday 17th October. Please forward this email to anyone who you feel will be interested. If you have any queries about the consultation please contact Mark Redfearn on [email protected]

Summer Drink Drive Campaign

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This message has been sent to the NAG by the Thames Valley Police regarding this summers drink drive campaign.

"The National Summer Drink Drive campaign ‘Is it worth the risk?’ saw a small increase in arrests this year compared to last year, leaving 446 people asking ‘Was it worth the risk?’

Between 1 June and 30 June, 240 drivers were arrested across the Thames Valley for driving with excess alcohol, compared to 239 last June.

Of those arrested, 197 were men and 43 were women. This is a decrease of 2 per cent in arrests of men (down from 200 last year) and a 10 per cent increase in arrests of women (up from 39 last year).

In total, 129 of the arrested people have been charged, 71 have been bailed and 40 released with no further action.

The campaign saw police targeting individuals they suspect of driving under the influence of drink or drugs, both on the way home from nights out and the morning after a heavy night.

Chief Superintendent Lucy Hutson from Roads policing said: “This year’s joint anti drink drive campaign with Hampshire Constabulary has concluded. We’ve made 240 arrests across the two forces.

“Each drink driver arrested and taken off the road helps to make our roads safer and prevents potential death or serious injury. Each death and serious injury we prevent stops pain and devastation to an even wider circle of family and friends.”

https://www.youtube.com/embed/JHixeIr_6BM?rel=0&autoplay=1&iv_load_policy=3" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Next a video clip for you – prepared by Canadian Police – It is very clever. I will leave you to work out the point !


I thought it was a really clever way of getting this particular message across !!!!"

31st May - International Street Concert in Wokingham Town Centre

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Good Afternoon,


I am contacting all residents associations and NAG to inform them of a Street Concert happening on the 31st May 2014.


I would be grateful if the attached letter (CAN BE FOUND BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-xyEmov_O-CT2N6TUhDSG9ISHgtNXkxSElZMkR0S05STUVj/edit?usp=sharing) could be distributed. Residents in the immediate vicinity of the event will have or will soon also receive a letter.





Gemma Cumming

Arts & Culture Officer

WokinghamTown Council


Speed Indication Device (SID) training

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Hi. This is a request for volunteers. Now don't turn off and run away. :roll:

This could be fun. One of our top issues is speeding on our local roads, putting us and our families in danger. We all recognias that the police and authorities want to help us with this. However there is only so much resource to go around.

One of the initiatives to help both the police and us is the running of speed surveys: But these need manning. The surveys involve volunteers and the police spending a 'shift' at a location with a Speed Indication Device or (SID) recording the traffic and their speeds. With the police on site, they can stop cars there and then, if it is appropriate. In the past this had been an interesting and rewarding experience enjoyed by all. You get to see the police at work, the real speeds people are doing and meet other residents.

To make the exercise valid and worthwhile the volunteers must be trained in the use of SID. So here comes the request for volunteers.

We are looking for volunteers to be trained in the use of SID, and therefore be available for the surveys. This doesn't commit you to particular times and days to run an operation, but it does mean we can have enough potential volunteers to make it worth planning operations. If you are interested please contact us via the website contacts section.

Thanks for sticking to the end.


Family Cycle Rides and Security Check

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Family Cycle Ride

Free Dr Bike check


Saturday 17th August & Saturday 31st August 2013, 10am - 12noon.

At Dinton Pastures Country Park,

Davis Street, Hurst, RG40 0TH

Find out more at


See poster in the files section.

NAG meeting with councilors ref parking

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The Nag held a meeting with Town Cllr Mark Ashwell, with Member's of The Police at The Library Monday 20.05.2013, trying to resolve the ongoing Parking Problem's in the Town. So far this year the Police have issued 721 parking tickets, this was due to Parking in NONE PARKING zones including Double Yellow Lines and Disable Areas. These Tickets are issued by Police Officer's (inc PCSO) the issuing of these tickets take up much of the Officer's duty time,which leaves the Police Team short of doing other duty's.

The NAG are trying to Bring Back our TOWNS own Traffic Wardens (The W.B.C are calling them Parking Wardens) the Police and Town Councillors' with NAG will be looking into this problem, once we have got more information on this subject we can then put our views to W.B.C, hopefully we can overcome this problem, which would then leave our Local Police to carry out there duties 

NAG Area Study added.

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You are asked to check your area regularly and report backon any of concerns in the local area. Please see the 'Area Study' in the Documents section of this website.


The N.A.G at the Wokingham Winter Carnival

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The Wokingham Town and Evendons Neighbourhood Action Group attended the Wokingham Winter Carnival.

With the help of the local Police Community Support Officers the stand was set up early in the morning ready for a busy day.


Our aim was to raise awareness of the existence and purpose of the N.A.G. and to raise some funds for a community notice board. There used to be several notice boards around the community where local news and information could be posted to keep the community updated on events, issues and initiatives that affect our neighbourhood. Over time the ownership and maintenance of these became unknown and they were removed.

The N.A.G is aware that we have lost the ablilty to communicate to the neighbourhood this way and are working on raising funds to re-instigate this traditional forum. Initial investigations show that a suitable quality noticeboard will cost around £400. Which is why we decided to solicit donations from locals and local businesses in the Town and Evendons, for our stand at the Winter Carnival.

With a lot of help from our PCSO's (Ann-Marie in particular) we amassed quite a collection of prizes ranging from bottles of wine donated by individuals and local pubs and shops through to a fantastic prize of a Directors haircut worth over £100 from one of the towns hairdressers. Ann-Marie also decided to add a special prize of 1hr of time with one of the local PCSO's. I think there were some people that really took to this idea, although not the team of PCSO's who were running a little scared. :)

DSC_2157  DSC_2153

With the help of one of our commitee members, we also ran a Hook-a-Duck game for the little ones with a box of small prizes - this proved very popular with kids of all ages, and adults too. Surprisingly enough, even with Sharon being rather soft with the younger ones and letting them try until they won, especially if the looked upset at not winning, our pool of small prizes lasted right up to the start of the procession.


Whilst our chairman seemed to talk to a lot of people he didn't make many sales of tickets... But that's ok he was excellent at spreading the word of the N.A.G. and giving out any information available: The NAG had a wide range of information available to the public; information on the N.A.G. and what we are about and what you can do to help, the police provided information on security, protecting yourself and your property and cold calling warning stickers. So our chairman Ken was fullfilling our primary goal of spreading the word and bringing attention and knowledge of us to the people who we are there to represent.


All said and done we had a very successfull day. With what seemed like a bumper turn out at the sunny winter carnival (yes sunny, who'd have thought a Wokingham Winter Carnival could be dry let alone sunny) with the sun out and what seemed like the whole of wokingham and half the surrounding areas visiting the carnival, we have spoken to a lot of people, and there are a lot more people who now know we exist and how to get in touch.

The Hook-a-Duck and raffle raised £289:50. A great chunk out of our target for our first noticeboard. The commitee would like to thank all involved in the day, particular thanks to Sharon for the Hook-a-Duck, Ken for his evangalising, Ann-Marie, Nigel and the team for their support and help both before the event, during the day and in organising the delivery of prizes. Thanks also to the other members of the committee who manned the stall. Special thanks also to Fred and the Keep Mobile committee who helped us book the stall, printing NAG flyers and cover the admin of putting a stall on at the carnival.  Lastly we would like to thank all the local businesses who gave so generously. 

Once I have the full details of the prizes and winners I will post an update with thanks to all that donated to the raffle.

And don't forget together we can make a difference!